In your hands you hold the skin of a once living deer, and a timber drum frame fashioned from a once standing tree.

You give thanks and honour, you measure and cut dry skin, feeling it slowly return to life as it softens in warm water.  You sand, oil, stretch skin over wood, smell dust and beeswax.  

You enter an ancient alchemical process that brings new life back to the animal and the tree, transforming them into your new instrument of power, your Ritual Drum.

  As the drum is born, you can’t help but be moved and shaped somewhere within yourself, for you and the earth are One.


There’s a limit of 8 women only on this powerfully transformative process. Please book early if you’re called to learn this unique and sacred art.

I’ve been a master drum maker, player and teacher  for over 30 years.  Nowdays I only run only one or two Ritual Drum making experience a year.




Find a small tree branch that gets inserted into your hand made drum frame

Here’s what’s included:

        ~ One full unbleached deer rawhide

        ~ Nine sided solid timber hand crafted drum frame

        ~ Vegetable tanned kangaroo leather trim

        ~ All other materials and tools 

        ~ Morning and afternoon tea

        ~ Individual tuition and guidance

        ~ Instruction sheet on Care of Your Drum

        ~ Fundamentals in playing the Ritual Drum and how it’s used as a powerful tool for healing and balancing



After a blessing for the animal and the tree, choose your beautiful unbleached deer rawhide that will be cut and soaked


You will find two sticks – one that becomes the handle of your drum, and one for your beautiful drum beater










Friday May 1st – 10am to 3.30pm

Saturday May 2nd – 10am to 4.30pm

Sunday May 3rd – 10am to 4.30pm



Weil Park Hall,

Woolwich Road, Woolwich, Sydney

Skin of sacred deer and nine sided solid timber drum frame, made by me





Jane playing the Ritual Drum. It can be played with a drum beater, and also with the fingers of both hands.











So that everyone receives individual guidance during this powerful transformational process, there’s a limit of 8 women only.

If this adventure calls to you, please book early!   I only run one Ritual Drum making training a year. Detailed information will be sent to you once you register.


What to do next

Contact Jane to check there’s still a space available.  Then pay your deposit of $300 to secure your place.  Bank details will be sent to you.  Payment plans are also available.

Detailed information about what you need to do before the workshop will be sent to you after registration.


Contact Jane to enquire and register

On this special workshop Jane will be assisted by Zoe Anderson.