Rhythm Consciousness and
Energy Voice Work


It’s time to take up your power.  

We need you in the world loud and clear!

One on one sessions in Sydney


Your voice is the main instrument for the expression of your soul


Many people feel that they have no voice. Perhaps you were told that you couldn’t sing and your body now believes it.  Perhaps you were told to be silent.

Old belief systems and fears can prevent you from expressing  your true radiance and power through your voice.


When you sing, sound, chant or just holler, you vibrate Yourself.  You tune, tone, balance and heal Yourself.


Energy voice work is not just for singing. It’s about reclaiming your voice on every level. How do you allow yourself to be heard, how do you stand in your power and speak your truth with clarity?

Release and strengthen your voice and clear  blockages with shamanic energy healing processes, vocal experiences and movement techniques.


Your true voice, not the one that’s expected of you, becomes
clear, resonant and powerful.



Rhythm Consciousness brings you back into alignment, back into rhythm with your inherent nature and capabilities. Drum rhythms, sacred sounds and movement blend together, harmonising your being.


‘I never felt that I had a sense of rhythm, and yet the drum kept calling me.  Jane’s teaching and healing work reoriented me to my true soul path.’
Kate Simpson, designer, Sydney

“This is ancient sacred work of empowerment”.



On a physical level,  rhythm balances your right and left brain hemispheres, improving co-ordination and health. It helps you ride emotional shifts with greater balance and insight, offering a tool to help manage anxiety, grief, and stress.

Sound and movement catalyse change on every level of your being. Learn your own sound frequencies to utilise this ability for yourself.


‘I went for a voice lesson. Wow! I’m speaking up in all sorts of ways, saying ‘no’ and holding my own instead of going quiet’. Julie Clarke, Programmer, Sydney


Playing the Frame Drum as a spiritual practice Greece, 5th century BC

Playing the Frame Drum as a spiritual practice
Greece, 5th century BC

Come for a healing session or learn specific techniques to learn The Ancient Path of the Frame Drum

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One session will get you off and running.  With ongoing sessions, anchor in deep, transformational shifts.  You will be given printed material and practices to do at home



Private sessions are held in Denistone, Sydney.

Group classes are held periodically in Sydney and various places in Australia.  See here for more information about upcoming events.

Private Energy Voice and Rhythm Consciousness sessions cost:
$135    75 minute session  (leave a little longer for the first session)