Activate your divine mission and step out into the world with confidence and power.


Join a select group of women to delve deep into a profound and loving training in

Self Mastery and Leadership




There is a limit of 16 women
on this
Shamanic Pilgrimage to
Your Authentic Divine Nature



    Do you KNOW that you have a mission on earth that’s uniquely yours, that involves you stepping up into a greater level of authenticity, skill and ability?

    Is your soul potential far greater than you’re expressing?

  Do you feel you have something to teach and present to the world but haven’t fully found the way to do it?

  Do you know in your heart that the way you’ve lived no longer fits, and yet the new hasn’t yet arrived.  There’s a sense of being in limbo.

  Do you become overwhelmed by the role Spirit is asking of you, and uncertain about how to manifest this powerful calling so that it serves you and all humanity at this time of deep change on earth.

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.

Despite being loving, conscious and committed to the path, many are still experiencing the frustrating chasm between all you can be and how you presently are.


This is an invitation to courageously step into deep transformation 

and express and teach from your soul’s true calling



This powerful and fiercely loving journey  first clears the way to reveal your hidden and unique gifts.


Then it offers training and guidance in how to express and manifest those abilities that are uniquely yours.


It will give you the power, confidence and hands on skills to offer those abilities out to the world as a teacher, leader, performer, presenter, healer – whatever form is right for You.



“Thank you for the opportunity to be immersed in your deep authentic truth and love.
I acknowledge the positive high vibrational work you do for the universe”

Lou Schultz, Teacher
Sydney  Australia


   Animate your wild soul and live from your passion and convictions

  Create new opportunities for inner growth and lasting change

  Enjoy new levels of creative inspiration and freedom

  Move through life knowing why you’re here and what your ‘mission’ is

  Express, perform and present your heart based wisdom and abilities without fear of judgement from others.



This powerful, unique, sacred training

imparts ancient and modern practices and techniques to live an authentic
empowered life where you are congruent with your life’s true divine purpose.  

Your true mission is getting closer, and the restlessness you’ve been feeling
as this call 
becomes stronger, is real.


Prepare for your lack of clarity to be replaced with a true knowing of your divine mission.  

Develop a grounded inner strength and a strong relationship with the guided realms of light.  

Together, these two forces, heaven and earth,  gather within you so you can carry out your mission, at last!

Humanity needs you in your power –
right here, right now!

Here are the components of this unique training ~

   A Call from the Wild  

Shamanic Deepening, Soul Initiation and Personal Power

  Earthbody Lightbody

The Mask and The Authentic Self

   Quiet Flame  

Teaching, Performance and Presentation Skills

   Sacred Balance

 Groundedness, Presence, Embodiment and the Hara

   The Wise Fool

Divine Guidance and the Self Compassionate Heart

   On a Wing and a Prayer

Connection to the Universal Fields of Light

   The Illuminated Song

Sacred Sound, Ancient Energy Practices and Lightbody Activations

   Longing for Latitude

Karmic Pattern Release and Present Time Upgrades


” You really allow us to take the lead – to offer ourselves and delve gently,
deeply or wildly, depending on our individual needs.
To be held in such safety and love offers a place from
which real growth and change was made”

LeeAnne Deegan ~ Creative Artist
Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Here’s the structure of the training ~

Module 1    

March 14th to 18th 2018

 4 night/5 day retreat ~ Karuna Sanctuary
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Module 2    

May 19th 2018

One day workshop/training

Module 3    

June 21st to 24th 2018

 3 night/4 day retreat ~ Karuna Sanctuary
Blue Mountains, NSW

Also included:

℘   3 online tutorials

    Printed manual containing exercises, techniques and practices

     MP3s of energy activations, sacred chants and meditations

    Ongoing support and Q & A with Jane

    A loving and supportive tribe of wildly passionate women who’ll stay connected to deepen the work and form unshakeable bonds of loving support


“You have so many deep gifts and skills that you offer so generously.  I resonate with all you say.  You’re truly masterful in what you bring through.”

Barbara Graham ~ 
Sydney, NSW


About the two retreats ~

The Japanese style hall at Karuna

When you retreat, you leave the known world for a while to heed an inner calling.

 As well as developing new skills and powers for your sacred precious life, you also need to rest and renew body and soul.

Throughout the trainings, there will also be time to be with the powerful spirits of nature.

Karuna Sanctuary is a beautiful retreat sanctuary between Katoomba and Medlow Bath in the world heritage listed Blue Mountains, 100km west of Sydney.  It’s set within 370 acres or natural bush, with superb escarpment views and walking tracks.

Accommodation is in simple single rooms or historic railway carriages.



What’s included at the Retreats ~ 


   All accommodation

   Delicious home cooked meals, morning and afternoon teas

   All food sensitivities catered for.  Your cook will be the award winning Jacqui Bushell, author of  A Loving Spoonful cookbook.  See a sample menu.

   All tuition and techniques, including one on one guidance

   Rest, integration and bushwalking time in between processes

   Printed training manual

   Pick up and drop off at Katoomba railway station if required

   Ongoing support after the retreats



Do you respond to the call of this transformational adventure?
Will you step up to re-imagine the purpose of your life and live from your new power?  
Will you share your gifts with the world, where they’re so needed?



If so,