What’s a Frame Drum?  Read my article  The Ancient Path of the Frame Drum  


Making Your Frame Drum

After having been a professional drum maker for 28 years, I now run just one Round frame drumretreat a year to teach you to make this ancient and sacred instrument.

Numbers are very limited so that you have good one on one guidance during this powerful process.

I also work one on one with a few people a year to make their special frame drum.  This usually happens over 3 individual sessions, in Sydney.  Enquire here


Learning to play the Frame Drum

The frame drum is an ancient and sacred instrument – for thousands of years it was women’s main instrument for healing, ceremony and music making.  There is an ancient lineage of frame drum players, and if you feel called to the drum, please feel free to contact me.  You might be interested in coming for some one on one sessions with me in Sydney Australia, or once a year in various parts of the USA.   

Here are a few details on private sessions in Rhythm Consciousness and Energy Voice work 

I also offer private sessions in Shamanic Sound Healing


Watch this Space for a retreat later this year on The Frame Drum and the Sacred Path of Bee.  Register your interest



Ancient Images of the Frame Drum


The Timbrel style Frame Drum – Jane playing in 2011

And Miriam, the Prophetess

sister of Aaron,

took a Timbrel in her hand

and all the women went out after her

with Timbrels

and with dances

Exodus 15:20


The Ritual style Frame Drum – Lava Tubes, Hawaii –  2016


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