The Frame Drum is an ancient and sacred instrument.  For thousands of years it was women’s main instrument for healing, ceremony and music making.  

When Rome adopted Christianity around 200BC, it was made an act of heresy for women to play this powerful instrument of healing and transformation.

As the energies of the Divine Feminine are once again gaining their rightful place on the planet, many women are being called back to this ancient lineage.  Are you called ?


Greece, 5th centuryBC

Hathor is deeply associated with the frame drum and the power of rhythm and sound


What exactly is a Frame Drum?  

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 The Ancient Path of the Frame Drum  








I’ve been a frame drum player and master drum maker for 30 years.   There are many types of frame drum, many ways to play, for many reasons.  Contact me if you’d like to talk about how I could best guide you to experience the ancient path of the frame drum.


Frame drums come in different sizes and shapes. They’re played with drum beaters or with the fingers of both hands in various styles.

I offer:

One on one tuition in frame drum and voice techniques and styles. We can work in person if you live in the Sydney area, or via Zoom.

  • Shamanic healing sessions  I incorporate the frame drum as part of this powerful sacred sound healing session
  • Breath of the Beloved ~ The Healing Power of Sound.   This is a six day transformational training retreat.






Here’s a small selection of the images I’ve collected over the years showing the Frame Drum in ancient times:




There are many references to this ancient women’s instrument in the Old Testament, the frame drum known as the Timbrel.


And Miriam, the Prophetess

sister of Aaron,

took a Timbrel in her hand

and all the women went out after her

with Timbrels

and with dances

Exodus 15:20


The fast Timbrel style Frame Drum technique – Jane playing in 2011


After being a master drum maker for 30 years, I now only run one retreat a year to make the very special Ritual style drum.  This 17″ solid timber frame and deer rawhide style of frame drum is played with the fingers of both hands, or with a beater.  It’s used  for healing, ceremony and brainwave entrainment for altered states of consciousness.


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The Ritual style Frame Drum – Lava Tubes, Hawaii –  2016

Here I’ve made a small size Ritual drum for travelling.  Fits in your backpack or suitcase, yet still gives a beautiful deep tone.