The sounds and frequencies within this sacred music contain coded information from the light realms that restore balance and clarity. Many have said this music has helped them remember their divine mission.

For best results, please listen lying down with headphones.  Don’t play while driving, as these frequencies will put you into an altered brain state.



Hathor Love Songs Cover

This is an offering of deep joy and inspiration, opening a window into your true divine nature as a being of light.


Listen to a sample of Hathor Love Song:



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To purchase the Hathor Love Song CD within Australia, please click the Add to Cart button below (or contact Jane to pay by direct deposit). The CD is $17.50 including postage anywhere within Australia.

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The Pleiadian energies offer a union between the aspect of you that is other than human, with the very real part of you that is made of Gaia, the earth consciousness itself.  


Listen to a sample of The Dance of Dirt:


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The Tah ~ Women’s Ancient Frame Drum


Tah Drum


The Tah is a beautiful small drum from the ancient family of women’s sacred instruments, The Frame Drum.

See my page on The Frame Drum with more images

Read my article on The Ancient Path of the Frame Drum

The size is 320mm/12.5″ diameter x 45mm/1.8″ high.  I use 18 pieces of solid timber, ‘coopered’, bevelled and sanded.  Unbleached top quality Kangaroo rawhide. Vegetable dyed Kangaroo leather. Gold and red braid for celebration!  This sacred women’s instrument invites you back to remember your lineage when the sacred drummers were women.  And we’re back!

The cost of this beautiful hand crafted instrument is $345 Australian, plus postage.  If you live in the Sydney region you might be able to collect it personally.  

To Purchase  Please contact Jane to express your interest in having a Tah made for you.  They can take up to two weeks to make.  You’ll be given bank details and postage costs for Australia or overseas.