Hathor Love Song

The sounds and frequencies in this sacred song from the light realms contain coded information that restores balance and clarity.


Hathor Love Songs Cover


It suggests deep joy and inspiration, offering a window into your true divine nature as a being of light.

For best results, lie down with headphones and play at low volume.  Don’t listen while driving.


Listen to a sample:



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CD (hard copy)

To purchase the Hathor Love Song CD within Australia, please click the Add to Cart button below (or contact Jane to pay by direct deposit). The CD is $17.50 including postage anywhere within Australia.

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You can also purchase and download as an mp3 – please note the file is about 55MB and so it’s best downloaded over wi-fi (rather than phone data, etc).


Click here to read the cover notes for the Hathor Love Song CD.

It’s worth viewing this file if you are purchasing the mp3. If you purchase the CD these notes will be on the cover.



Dance of Dirt


Listen to a sample: