zVqtDJ_q9VFLW1HeFY8grw_IIPXcR_Z1mbD9F_Q5VM8,if1gCAo3F3jsDKvZSiW2H1jD64tRSb8RbOxwhJ3dZOgIndividual sound healing and energy balancing sessions are conducted in Denistone, Sydney.

Usually the session lasts for an hour and a half, though please leave a little extra time in case we need it.  I won’t leave you stranded if you’re part way through a process when your time’s up!


Shamanic sound healing and energy clearing and balancing sessions are $130 for an hour and a half.


Please contact me to enquire about healing sessions and to make an appointment.  Each person’s needs are different, and I tailor a sound healing session to the needs of your soul and body at that particular time.


Watch the Video on Sound Healing sessions.